Records and information management is one of the many management disciplines in an organization. Personnel and financial management are examples. Due to the demands for accurate, reliable and updated information needed for decision making process, the records manager now forms part of the management team in the organization.

The need to establish an efficient records and information management system to be able to retrieve records quickly is now the concern of every records manager. Records must be managed during their lifecycle – from creation to final disposition.

On the national level, the problem is compounded by the lack of policy guidelines and diveristy of practices utilized by different agencies. This problem can be fostered by an exchange of ideas that can be done best through the PRMA.


The PRMA is a professional organization that specializes in the sharing of knowledge about records and information management at the national and international levels.

Learning about records management in other countries can help develop better records systems for organizations. PRMA has represenation in the National Committee on Archives of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), is an affiliate of the International Records Management Council (IRMC), International Council on Archives (ICA) and the Philippine Council of Management (PHILCOMAN). It is registered with the Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System (PhilGEPS) as service provider in records and information management. It is essential that one knows what are the records management practices in other countries and PRMA can help in this regard.


PRMA provides national recognition for quality in managing records and information, an honor which can be noted on employment applications, vitae,and resum├ęs.

  1. Through membership in PRMA, membersgain a sense of collaboration with others in records management and an identification with the discipline.
  2. PRMA provides a local, regional and national forum for obtaining information and developing perspectives about the field of records management, learning about educational and career opportunities, and forming meaningful professional networks.
  3. On the local level, chapter membership facilitates leadership development, interaction with other members who have similar interests.
  4. PRMA members receive a membership card, PRMA directory and updates on the Association's activities.
  5. PRMA provides members with valuable opportunities to develop one-on-one relationships with the Board of Trustees/Directors and other records management practitioners who can stimulate their interest in records and information management, involve them in worthwhile projects, and write meaningful letters of recommendation for them. PRMA provides members with chances of meeting expert staff at educational seminars.
  6. PRMA members are eligible to special discounts (as available) in the Association's training events.
  7. Can elect or be elected to the PRMA Board of Trustees/Directors.
  8. PRMA members have direct access to members of the Board of Trustees/Directors to raise concerns and other issues.
  9. PRMA members receive personal invitations to PRMA events such as conferences, conventions, seminar-workshops and forum.


Any person whose professional interests and/or responsibilities lie within the scope of the purposes set forth in the PRMA Constitution and By-laws shall be eligible for membership in the following categories:

· Regular membership - open to any individual involved in keeping or managing records. Membership is renewed every year.

· Lifetime membership - open to any individual involved in records keeping except that the annual due is different from that of the regular member.

· Honorary membership - conferred by unanimous vote of the Board of Directors to any individual who rendered some notable or exemplary service or assistance to the Association. An honorary member shall not be eligible to vote for or hold an elective office and shall not pay any annual dues.

Anybody who is involved in the field of records and information management shall be eligible for membership.

Want to join or renew your membership? You can do it online or print and complete the Membership Application form and mail it to the Association’s address along with your check, money order or copy of the deposit slip (for bank transfer mode of payment) made to the account of PRMA. You may also pay in cash when you attend a training event of PRMA.


A. Training and Seminar Workshops (usually 3 days)

· In-house seminar workshop on records and information management

· Basic Computer Skills for Records Management Practitioners

· Developing Controlled Vocabularies for Managing Records

· Effective Records Management Systems and Procedures

· Enforcing Records Disposition Authority (RDA)

· Formulating and Writing RM Policies and Procedures Handbook

· Managing Social Media Records and Information

· Managing Records with the Law in Mind

· MS Access for Records Management (Developing Databases for Managing Records)

· Organizing a Records Management Improvement Program

· Preparing for Records Management Automation

· RM101: Records Management for Newbies

· RM201: ISO-Compliant Records Management Processes and Control

· 5S in Records Management

B. Congresses, Conferences, Symposia and Agora

C. Consultancy

· Technical assistance

· Actual installation of records and information management systems

How to Register to a PRMA Seminar-Workshop

Simply open this URL PRMA Online Registration on device(s) you want to use it on.


If you registered and did not show up at a seminar-workshop, the Association will place you on its "No-Show List" and will be closed off from registering for the next learning event. Please email us ten (10) days before the event if you wish to CANCEL your registration.

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